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Animal Protection Association of Kainuu

What we do?

KESY (Animal Protection Association of Kainuu) is domiciled in Kajaani and the Kainuu area of ​​operation. We are one of the Finnish Animal Protection Association’s (SEY) member associations. Our aim is to promote the welfare of animals and the proper treatment in the Kainuu region. Our activities include animal welfare counseling, special events, promotions and foster home organization.

How to become a member?

KESY is one of SEY’s member associations. You can join one of the member associations. As a member you will receive our member magazine four times a year.

You can become a member by
using our local website link below
► using SEY’s homepage

SEY and its member associations will help thousands of animals every year. Join us and help!

How to contact us?

Kainuun Eläinsuojeluyhdistys ry


Call phone 
044 595 1123

What if a pet is lost?

In the case of lost and found animals one should contact public animal shelters. Updated contact information can be found at

Facebook is an effective way to inform as well: for example Kadonneet/löydetyt lemmikit Kainuu.

What does the law say?

Government regulation of dogs, cats and other small pets and protection of hobby animals.

How can I help KESY?

  • Addressing the inappropriate treatment of animals immediately
  • Join as a member
  • Make a cash donation or testament
  • Provide a foster home
  • Donate pet food. toys or other pet supplies
  • Offer your working effort – what you can do or wish to do to help
  • Be a walking mate or a debuty home for animal who needs it
  • Write or speak on behalf of animals in the media

What money can buy?

5 e = feeding a shelter animal for a day
5 e = deworming
10 e = chipping
20 e = vaccination for cats or dogs
60-100 e = castration of a cat or a dog
The average cost of 300 e = one animal welfare advisor’s yearly cost for SEY

The Animal Welfare Action

Animal protection authorities in Kainuu include municipal veterinarians, welfare veterinarian as well as the police. They are assisted by KESY’s animal welfare advisors, who are volunteer civilians who have sworn secrecy.

If an animal needs help immediately, please contact the authority. Immediate intervention is necessary for example in the following situations:

  • Animal is abused physically
  • Animal is starving or without water
  • Animal is kept in too hot or cold conditions
  • Animal is shut up to the balcony

If you need any assistance or you are unsure if the case is acute/urgent, please contact the welfare vet or KESY’s animal welfare advisor (KESY’s call phone).

Such a case may be when, for example:

  • You suspect there is a puppy mill
  • You suspect that a pet doesn’t get enough exercise
  • You suspect that a pet is kept in runs that does not meet the regulations
  • You suspect the production facilities to be contrary to the regulations

You can make animal welfare a notification at KESY’s website. Helping injured wild animals is a civic duty and acutely needy animals should be immediately notified at the emergency services.

Injured wild animals can taken free of charge to the municipal veterinarian’s office and outside office hours to on duty veterinarian’s office.

Welfare Veterinarian
044 7100 892

Veterinarian on duty
0600 303 301

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