What steps to take when bringing pets from Ukraine to Finland


This set of instructions has been compiled by SEY Animal Welfare Finland for situations in which pets are brought over from Ukraine to Finland. SEY asks that this information be shared with all parties who are arriving in Finland with pets that are from Ukraine. These instructions will be updated if there are any changes to instructions given by Finland’s authorities. At the moment, it is recommended that private citizens not travel to Ukraine or its surrounding areas to provide aid or deliver supplies.

However, if you have already travelled to the area or are about to depart on a trip to the area, it is critical that you take the following points into consideration, if your intent is to transport families who have pets to Finland:

Only pets travelling with their owners from Ukraine may enter Finland without advance application or permission. The normally valid import regulations still apply to all other animals. 

Because there are a number of animal diseases in Ukraine that we do not have in Finland, as well as diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans such as rabies, there cannot be numerous animals in the same transport and the animals cannot be in contact with one another.  People other than the owners of these pets should not touch the animals.

Owners or their representatives are asked to show the animal and its possible documents to Finland’s Customs when arriving at the border. As Finland is for the most part free of Echinococcus, animals will be given medication immediately at the border so that Finland can remain Echinococcus-free Finland’s Customs will provide more information at the border.

Customs will provide information to the animal’s owner or family on an animal foster place if the owner or their representative has not already selected a place which meets the requirements for a quarantine place.   An animal welfare association can help in finding a foster home or care facility for the pet for its quarantine period.

When arriving in a location where you intend to stay, the owners of animals or their representatives are asked to immediately contact the city or municipal veterinarian. The animal’s microchip and rabies vaccination will be checked, and its rabies antibody level will be determined.  Where necessary, the animal will be microchipped and vaccinated. SEY recommends that the ID information for the animal and the owner’s details be immediately entered in the Turvasiru.fi service, the Finnish Kennel Club’s (dogs) register or the Suomen Kissaliitto (cats) register.

As a rule, quarantine will continue for a period of 30 days after vaccination, unless an authority has ordered otherwise. The 30-day quarantine also applies to pets that have already been vaccinated in Ukraine. If the animal’s import obligations are insufficient, an authority can also issue a decision on a longer quarantine period.

During quarantine the amount of contact the pet has with other animals and people other than its family members should be minimised. Dogs can be taken out on a leash, but the person walking the dog must ensure that the dog is not in contact with other animals. 

If a pet that was recently imported to Finland from Ukraine bites a person, please contact a healthcare provider and tell them that the animal in question has come from Ukraine.

The specialised space where the animal is kept must be such that the animal can be totally isolated.

More information: https://www.ruokavirasto.fi/globalassets/yritykset/tuonti-ja-vienti/tuonti-eun-ulkopuolelta/elaimet-ja-elainperaiset-tuotteet/elintarvikkeet/ajankohtaista/eristysohje_pakolaisten_lemmikeille_fi-en.pdf

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